Youth Open Mic

“Speak Your Truth!”

Hosted by Youth Harbor and Undiagnosed Tees

FREE / Saturday February 8th, 11 AM to 1 PM

Calling all tweens & teens share your truth on the Caffe Lena stage! Poetry, songs, ideas and stories are all welcome. This event is run by youth for youth. Take the stage alone or with a friend. You can even have someone else read your work if you want. This is a chance to connect with people your age in a community that fosters creative responses to mental and emotional challenge.

Bagels, Soft Drinks and Coffee provided free.

Youth Harbor

YouthHarbor is a new Saratoga-based non-profit organization that provides space for tweens and teens with mental and emotional challenges to support one another in living creative, healthy lives.

Undiagnosed Tees

Undiagnosed is a small start-up with a big brand. They make quality tees that are designed to give visibility to the invisbile epidemic— mental illness.  Their whole idea is to show the truth and create art that represents what people really think— the good, the bad, and the graphic. That is why they sell graphic tees

Therapy Dog on site