Music School Scholarship Program

How many times has music added depth or color to your life?

More times than you can possibly count, right?
We sing, we hum, we turn on a radio. We play instruments and make up melodies.

Knowing that times are tough, and that music gives us strength and comfort, Caffe Lena’s Board of Directors has allocated $5,000 for scholarships to the Caffe Lena School of Music. Both tuition and an instrument will be provided to children and adults who are not in a position to spend money on music lessons. If you know a music-loving person or family that is tight on funds during this challenging time, please let them know about this opportunity.

For more information about enrolling as a scholarship student and obtaining a free instrument…

please contact School of Music program coordinator
Vivian Nesbitt at musicschool@caffelena.org

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