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On the Air

Caffe Lena 60 Years of Song on WEXT

WEXT is the Capital District’s listener-supported roots and rock radio station. To celebrate our 60th anniversary, WEXT launched this weekly special that features significant artists who have played in every year of the Caffe’s existence and 60 “new” discoveries that made some of their initial in-roads at the Caffe. Listen live Thursday nights at 6pm on the radio at 97.7FM and 106.1FM or at www.wext.org

Art of the Song

Through conversations with singer-songwriters, Art of the Song, a nationally syndicated radio program hosted by Vivian Nesbitt and John Dillon, explores universal truths common to all creative expression. The one-hour episodes heard on public and community stations across North America feature concert highlights interspersed with illuminating conversation. Below you will find interviews that have been recorded live from Caffe Lena.

New Cleveland Radio

Stationed in the greater Cleveland area as an internet podcast station, New Cleveland Radio produces shows globally. They provide a wealth of entertainment including interviews, music, discussions on important subjects such as health care, senior living, positive support, personal coaching, lifestyle changes, and much more.

New Cleveland Radio interviews many of our artists through their special “Caffe Lena: Meet the Performers.” These interviews give you the opportunity to learn more about our musicians and hear the stories behind the music.