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Music Classes

Join the growing community of folk musicians around the country and the world coming together via zoom platform to continue the tradition! 

Each online session consists of four weekly lessons. Local students are encouraged to participate in Caffe Lena’s jams and open mics in order to further develop skills and become part of a folk music community.

To ask a question about the Caffe Lena School of Music or learn more about scholarships please email musicschool@caffelena.org

For details and to register for a class click on the red button with the class name. It will take you to the registration page. 

Upcoming Classes

Saturdays August 7, 14, 21, 28   10am – 11am 

A woman’s place is….

On stage

Performing her art

Making the crowd laugh, cry and cheer

Open mic is where every music career starts. It’s where you learn to create that powerful, open-hearted connection that makes you shine on stage. It’s where you build your network and start getting gigs. Open mic is intimidating for every newcomer, but it’s especially hard for girls and women who are vastly outnumbered by male performers.

Caffe Lena School of Music is offering a new open mic performance course exclusively for women and girls ages 12 and up, so we can make sure the world hears everyone’s song.

Take the Stage workshops consist of weekly meetings on four consecutive Mondays for six students at a time. Students will learn to approach the mic with confidence, support and nurture each other’s unique talents, and fully claim their space at the front of the room.

Classes will be taught by Vivian Nesbitt who is the Coordinator of the Caffe Lena School of Music. Vivian is a musician, actress and playwright with numerous TV, film and stage credits. Alongside her own career in the spotlight she has taught performance skills to children and adults for two decades.

Classes, which will begin in June, 2021, will cost just $25 per four week session, but no one who wants to join these classes will be turned away.

Take the Stage is made possible with a grant from Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management.

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Class times:

Sunday August 8th      12 Noon – 4pm

Siobhán uses a combination of classical/modern technique as a foundation for vocal flexibility while helping you to maintain individual vocal personality. She is an encouraging teacher who will help you to bring out those special parts of your voice within each song you sing. The first half of the class is exploring your instrument then we’ll work toward songs and how to translate the emotional intention of a song effectively with your voice.

In this class we will

  • explore vocal/breath/body warm-ups to shake out the unsteady parts of your voice for performance or personal satisfaction and voice.
  • Learn the physiology of the voice, how to use and support each area of the voice. This is knowledge crucial to getting the most out of your instrument and may address vocal health issues.
  • Explore new sounds and tools in your vocal toolbox.
  • Specific issues and exercises for those who are multi-instrumentalists (your voice + another instrument).
  • Create a personal basic regimen to maintain skills you learn

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Saturday Oct 9, 2021 / ages 14 and up

11:00am – 2:00pm / $80

Over the past several years, Ellis has created learning tools to complement his teaching that he utilizes in his workshops.  These instructional posters form a trilogy starting with the Song Idea Generator, moving to the Song Editing Wheel and finishing with Music Hall Performance

Registration fee includes your choice of the Song Generator, Editing Wheel or Music Hall Performance 11×17 art poster featuring Ellis Paul’s original illustrations to inspire you further!

Students should be a minimum 14 years of age and should bring a notebook and pen. Students are also encouraged to bring songs they may be working on! 

Here’s a snippet of a video of Ellis working with a student at one of his songwriting workshops: Ellis Paul Songwriting Workshop

Songwriters and aspiring songwriters are welcome! 

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