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Lena Legacy Society

Music has been an important part of your life…

Whether you’ve been on stage or in the cheering section, you know the joy and fellowship of a live concert. The Lena Legacy Society comprises music lovers like you who want future generations to have a place to applaud, sing, tell stories, and learn to play. By joining the Lena Legacy Society, you will further your charitable and financial goals while creating a secure future for Caffè Lena.

4 Easy Ways to Plan a Gift for Caffe Lena

  • Directly name Caffe Lena in a will or trust.
  • Designate Caffe Lena as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance or retirement or brokerage account.
  • Leave a gift of appreciated securities (eg. stocks, bonds, real estate, etc)
  • Offer an outright gift from an individual retirement account (IRA)

Contact us

Please call 518-583-0022 and request an appointment if you would like to discuss your planned gift to Caffe Lena, or email Executive Director Sarah Craig at sarah@caffelena.org.