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The Brother Brothers hook the audience from the first song with exquisite singing and playing. They return to our stage this Thursday. Click photo for sample.
Greetings – Isn’t it amazing how many ways there are for music to be wonderful? I used to be all about the lyrics. Then it had to be a brilliant arrangement. Then I just wanted to hear the stories between the songs. Now, I’ll admit, it’s the quality of playing that tends to grab me first. I’d love to hear what makes you fall in love with a song. That way I can keep an ear out for new musicians that will hit your sweet spot.

Whatever draws you in, I bet you’ll find a taste of it in this week’s diverse line-up, from the pure intimacy of The Brother Brothers and Emma Langford, to the slamming fun of Sirsy and The Suitcase Junket. These are such bright, hard-working artists. They spend a huge part of their lives on the road, away from home, catching the zeitgeist and turning it into songs we want to hear over and over. Let’s let them know how much we treasure their art!

See you at the show,

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Rochmon presents George Harrison’s expansive 1970 solo album “All Things Must Pass.” This album contains some of his best-known songs, including “My Sweet Lord,” “Wah-Wah,” “What Is Life,” “Beware of Darkness,” “If Not For You” (written with Bob Dylan), the album’s title song, “All Things Must Pass,” and 11 more. A Rochmon Record Club Listening Party is meant to inform and deepen our understanding of the history of the individual performers, songs and the stories that went into the making of a classic album. By listening together, it’s like hearing the music again for the first time.

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“Right at home between the Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys”
 Wide Open Country
With their close harmonies, bright wit and Simon & Garfunkel-esque songs, identical twins Adam and David Moss are instant crowd-pleasers. Their songs are streamed nearly a quarter-million times every month on Spotify because this is music everyone wants to hear.

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Globetrotting troubadour Langford calls Limerick City in the West of Ireland home. Storytelling, wit and her inimitable, dreamy voice is at the frontline of a new wave of Irish folk. Trio show.

Kids Open Mic

Host Rick welcomes performances by kids aged 5 to 16. Timed to work well with school schedules and early bedtimes, this weekend matinee runs for two hours. Share a song, a poem, a story or a comedy performance! Each performer gets five minutes on stage. If time permits, we’ll allow a second five minutes for those interested.

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His instruments are old suitcases, gas cans, and other discarded objects and he plays the daylights out of a guitar he found in a dumpster. His blues-rock is grand in its imagery, sound, and staging, and solitary in its thrift and self-reliance. Parts normally played by five players, he performs alone in a spectacle of showmanship, brilliance, madness, and invention.

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Compelling, soulful, original indie pop rock played with charming intensity. Charismatic vocalist/drummer/pianist/flautist Melanie Krahmer and her guitarist/bassist husband Rich Libutti are the whole band. “It’s edgy-feel-good music that’s fun to watch.” -Houston Music Blog They’ll mix up stripped down acoustic versions of their songs with fully plugged in rock and roll.

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