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Arkai’s Julliard training, love of showmanship, and expansive musical tastes create fresh excitement on stage. They debut this Sunday at Lena’s. Click photo for sample.

Greetings – There’s a lot of love in the music you’ll hear at Caffe Lena this weekend. These songs don’t pretend conflicts and stresses aren’t out there, but they take us to a place beyond the battles.

Lucy Kaplansky is a singer, turned psychologist, turned singer again. Holly is one of the most important social justice singers of the past 40 years. She’s bringing a full band this time! Jamcrackers remind us of what a beautiful, storied place we live here in upstate New York. And Arkai is just bursting with passion to heal the world with irresistable classical-rock fusion.

Thank you for helping us create a place where we get to experience this healing and inspiring artistry up close and personal.

See you at the show,


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“A truly gifted performer with a bag full of enchanting songs” (The New Yorker) and “the troubadour laureate of modern city folk” (The Boston Globe). Her spare and luminous songs mix with warm, wry, insightful storytelling to create a show that makes you feel like you have a new best friend.

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This trio is a long-time Caffe Lena favorite for fans of traditional folk music, three-part harmony and wholesome fun. Named for the river-drivers who broke up log jams and “got things rolling again,” the Jamcrackers feature the lovely voice and soulful ballads of Peggy Lynn, the rich baritone and inspiring songs of Dan Berggren, and national champion hammered dulcimer player Dan Duggan. The trio’s blend of folk and blues, ballads, gospel, dance tunes and activist anthems sparks a rare chemistry and a guaranteed good time for all ages.

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For 50 years this legendary activist singer/songwriter has inspired peace and justice with songs that turn big concepts into small, personal stories. Her most famous anthems include a song about the slaughter of the students at Kent State called “It Could Have Been Me,” and a response to the assassinations of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk called “Singing For Our Lives.”

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Amazing electroacoustic music! ARKAI is in town to play the Lake George Music Festival, and they’re warming up here at Lena’s. Juilliard trained violinist Jonathan Miron and cellist Philip Sheegog have performed their genre-transcending music at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, as well as at Joe’s Pub and City Winery.

Keeping the concert schedule balanced between established favorites and exciting newcomers is something Caffe Lena has been known for ever since that Bob guy played to a skeptical crowd in 1961. It takes time to earn an audience. The first couple shows might not be full, but if the magic is there, we keep trying to convince folks to come. And the reason we can take some losses here and there is because of your financial support. With your membership donations, you are directly responsible for developing succcessful careers for musicians. Thank you.Caffe Lena has nearly 1,000 active members. These folks are planting songs and growing community with their annual donations. They also get the best seats in the house, early access to special shows and some neat swag. Learn More
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There’s still time to see last weekend’s shows!