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This Saturday: “Ms. Callaway is gifted with an amazing low voice, a miraculous level of musicianship, ears that can hear around corners, a gift for both arranging familiar standards and composing new ones, all of which works hand-in-hand with her sense of humor.” — The Wall Street Journal  Click photo for sample

Greetings – We had a special guest on this week’s edition of “Weekend Preview with Mateo & Sarah,” our  weekly appearance on Facebook Live for news, happenings and trivia. The guest was Mateo’s 5-month-old daughter, Ophelia. She was good for our viewer ratings, let me tell you. 😉

We love to see you bring your kids and grandkids to the shows. Turning kids on to real handmade music is good for family life. This week’s trivia question: name an example where both a parent and their child became part of Caffe Lena’s roster. I came up with seven examples without trying too hard. Can you think of any? Write back and let me know!

Music should be part of daily life, not just your entertainment budget. This is the purpose behind the Caffe Lena School of Music. It’s the reason we offer the Little Folks Series and Folk Club Kids. It’s why we have bluegrass jams and open mics, and folk music circles for seniors, a volunteer program, and a monthly record party where we do nothing but eat brown bag lunches and listen to vinyl tracks together. It seems like every moment in life that is set to music becomes brighter and richer.

Please enjoy exploring this week’s amazing line-up of jazz, folk, poetry and blues. These artists are truly extraordinary, and there’s no better place to hear them than at Caffe Lena, with family and friends.

See you at the show,

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Saratoga’s own! Even sweeter than a new flavor at Darling Donuts – and musically hits the spot like a plate of Hattie’s fried chicken. Indie-folk/rock with catchy vocal harmonies and decisive percussion and bass.

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DeMulder is a two-time National Poetry Slam champion, a five-time published author, and the co-host of Just Break Up, a globally popular advice podcast that has been downloaded more than 4 million times. Accompanied by Caffe Lena favorite Peggy Lynn of Jamcrackers on guitar.

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With a style comparable to Robert Johnson, Block is one of today’s finest acoustic blues artists. Rolling Stone credits her with recording “some of the most singular and affecting Country Blues anyone, man or woman, black or white, old or young, has cut in recent years.” Bonnie Raitt says, “Rory Block has been an inspiration to me since we started out years ago.”

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Tony nominee & one of the leading pop/jazz singers of our time, Callaway celebrates “The female Frank Sinatra,” Peggy Lee, on the 100th birthday of the trailblazing woman who gave the world “Fever.” Voted recently by Broadwayworld.com as “Performer of the Year” Callaway is a born entertainer. She has written songs with Cole Porter, Carole King, Rolf Lovland and Barbara Carroll.

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His Americana folk ballads, emotional lyrics and infectious choruses deliver optimism. Anais Mitchell writes “Reed’s songs hit you in the heart, and everything else falls away,” and musician Gregory Alan Isakov reflects, “Reed has the ability to transport the soul, a true master. One of the great songwriters of our time.” This will be his first show in Saratoga.

Featuring artists who are playing the area for the first time, the Bright Series
is made possible by the support of Kevin & Claudia Bright

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