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“Inspired marriage of visceral clout and intellectual savvy.” (New York Times)
Curtis Stigers’ string of hit singles, millions of albums sold, and a 28-year recording career have brought numerous new tunes to the Great American Songbook. See him up close at Caffe Lena on Friday! Click photo for sample.
Greetings – Arlo Guthrie once said, “Caffe Lena serves as a bridge between the generations.” He was talking about the way that our programming honors those with long careers, and gives opportunities to up and comers. He said those words a long time ago, but when you look at this week’s schedule, you can see that sturdy bridge he spoke of.

Jazz artist Curtis Stigers, with his big league, world-wide career will stand on the same stage as teen jazz artists–the best of the best from across the USA!–from Skidmore Jazz Institute.  Angelina Valente, an promising new singer-songwriter from Saratoga, will stand on the same stage as celebrated songwriters Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert.

The “big name” artists, like Stigers and John Jorgenson, love to get close to their audience in this hallowed room. The newcomers feel the excitement of good things to come when they take their place on stage and feel their songs connect with you. Thanks for keeping this wonderful tradition going strong.

See you at the show,

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All-star supergroup “J2B2” features four of the very best bluegrassers out there delivering roots music with sophisticated panache! John Jorgenson on acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals; Herb Pedersen on banjo, acoustic guitar and vocals; Mark Fain on bass; and Patrick Sauber on acoustic guitar and vocals. Their fresh twist combines bluegrass with elements of West Coast folk-rock.

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Valente’s soft piano, strong voice and honest lyrics create an emotional experience as she journeys through folk and indie pop-rock. With two EPs and four singles on regular rotation on regional radio, she has been selling out her shows and became the official #1 best loved artist in the Capital Region as 2023 champion of Nippertown’s March Madness. With new music recorded at the esteemed Village Studios in L.A & Atlantic Records Studio in New York, as well as here in Saratoga at Jim Mastrianni Studios, Valente is rapidly gaining traction.

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Known for his smooth ballads, vocalist Stigers has garnered commercial success straddling the line between traditional jazz crooner, pop artist, and R&B singer. But he has always been, and remains, a jazz man at heart. He has toured with symphony orchestras, written songs with Carole King and duetted with Al Green, Shawn Colvin and Tom Jones. This solo show is tucked in among a busy summer for Stigers touring the national jazz festival circuit with his band.

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Introduce your little ones to Spanish music, dance and culture with flamenco dancer La Nina acommpanied by flamenco guitarist Maria Zemantauski and percussionist, Brian Melick. These three kid-friendly artists bring passion, fire, grace and lots of fun to the stage!
The Little Folk Series is made possible by the generous support of Kevin & Claudia Bright and Polyset.

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“One part Woody Guthrie-esque ruminations on the modern world and one part transcendent stringband roots.” (Folk Alley) Kane is an understated master of banjo and guitar. Gellert is a preternaturally gifted songwriter & fiddler who founded the influential old-time band Uncle Earl. “Mind numbingly good. That harmony floored me from the start!” (a happy fan)

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Skidmore Jazz Institute showcases its emerging jazz stars-in-the-making from across the country. Held as the culmination of the highly competitive institute, this concert is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and immense musical growth achieved by these gifted individuals during their time at Skidmore. The performances reflect the students’ deep understanding of jazz traditions, as well as their eagerness to push boundaries and innovate within the genre.

As we head into summer, our crates of festival supplies are packed and ready for service. A pop-up tent and table, photos of the venue, a few instruments, lots of folding chairs to encourage rest and conversation, and brochures about the incredible wealth of programs you make happen with your donations. We just got back from Old Songs Festival, where we were able to tell lots of folks about the Caffe Lena School of Music. And we were at Saratoga PRIDE Festival where we talked about our welcoming team of volunteers and diverse schedule of concerts. Please know that you touch folks from all walks of life with uplifting music and community when you support this unique venue. Thank You!

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