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YOU DID IT! Lena’s 63rd Anniversary Membership Drive went over the top!
Click graphic for a heartwarming Caffe Lena song made by our musical friends.
Greetings – A special hello to our EIGHTY-SIX new and upgraded members! Our staff is getting right to work turning your generosity into great shows, educational programs and community outreach. Your gift to Caffe Lena is a gift that will be amplified all year long. Thank you for making our annual fund drive such a smashing success this year.

And what a special week ahead of us! Soprano Monica Yunus carries on her family’s legacy of innovative social action through her myriad projects that promote music as a path to healing. It’s a tremendous honor to have her not only in Saratoga as part of the Mostly Modern Festival, but right here on the Caffe Lena stage! That’s on Thursday night.

More inspiring music will be brought by the wonderful Reggie Harris with Pat Wictor (of Brother Sun) on Friday. Then comes (pinch me!) Leo Kottke for a matinee, and Kate Taylor (James and Livingston’s sister) in the evening of the same day! Talk about a path to healing–this is a run of the most wonderfully caring and giving artists. And we wrap up on Sunday with a local music showcase hosted by the gracious Rick Bolton.

See you at the show,

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World class opera singers and instrumentalists come together annually at Skidmore College for the Mostly Modern Festival, an exploration of new classical works. Tonight’s downtown kick-off at Caffe Lena features Monica Yunus, a soprano from the Metropolitan Opera & Sing for Hope, Amir Farid on piano, Victoria Paterson on violin, Dave Eggar on cello and a fabulous cast of festival singers. Yunus is the daughter of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammed Yunus.

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Harris’s preservation of Underground Railroad and Civil Rights songs has advanced the national dialogue on history, education and race. Wictor’s poetic songs and expressive guitar playing are seasoned with jazz, pop, philosophy and social commentary. This will be an uplifting celebration of music, friendship and joy.

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Kottke’s mesmerizing technique, characterized by fast and precise finger movements, has earned him widespread recognition as one of the most skilled guitarists of his generation. His distinctive sound, blending elements of folk, blues, and jazz, has captivated audiences since the ’60s.

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Sister Kate makes a triumphant return with a seasoned, lived-in, bluesy voice, marking her renewed embrace of music-making. Taylor’s return from a long hiatus of making music and touring “basks in a radiant glow that finds Taylor as effusive and excited as a teen releasing a first record.” (American Songwriter) Like her brothers James and Livingston Taylor, she’s a charismatic, gracious performer.

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Curated and presented by the gracious Rick Bolton, who has a well-known track record of spotting talent early. This series showcases the best emerging and established songwriters who frequent Caffè Lena’s “Best of the Capital Region” Open Mic Night. This edition features Gabby Hammond, Henry Phalen and Paul Brotchman. Come discover a new favorite–homegrown right here in Saratoga!

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There’s still time to see last weekend’s shows!