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Cliff Eberhardt is our pick for the Folk Heritage Series this month.
This series honors the troubadours who have put in many years on the folk circuit.
For four decades, Cliff has opened our hearts with laughter and tenderness.
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Greetings –  A really nice thing about Caffe Lena is that almost every night there’s at least a little “family reunion energy” in the room. I expect we’ll be feeling it this weekend. Cliff Eberhardt‘s appearance in our Folk Heritage Series follows four decades of playing this stage. He is a consummate storyteller, with a sense of humor worthy of a stand-up comedian and a depth of loyalty and love rarely seen. There are nights when the show restores your heart–makes you slow down and crack open a little. Cliff’s shows have that affect.

And Dan Berggren is celebrating 50 years of performing. Dan has a knack for writing topical songs that are so spot-on and singable that they become folk standards. His body of work celebrates nature and people who live in harmony with it, so it’s no surprise he picked Earth Day to celebrate his golden performance anniversary.

Join us at Spa LIttle Theater for the legendary Brubeck Brothers Quartet, or explore something fresh and new at Lena’s! I hope you enjoy sampling this week’s music

See you at the show,

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Rochmon digs into the history of Laura Nyro, a truly great American songwriter, singer, and pianist.  Hear the album & the stories behind its creation.

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GRAMMY-nominated all-woman string band founded by lead vocalist/guitarist Celia Woodsmith and 2-time Grand National champion fiddle player Kimber Ludiker joined by guitarist Avril Smith, and bassist Vickie Vaughn. Warm, charismatic & talented!
Made possible by the generous support of Saratoga Veterinary Hospital

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Original instrumentals, reimagined folk ballads, and new songs that never fail to wow the folks in the seats. Whether they’re ripping through a set of original jigs and reels, singing in lush three-part harmony, or telling side-splitting stories of the road, House of Hamill puts on a show to remember.

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Pop to folk to old-style jazz, with lyrics that find fresh, incisive ways to address life gone good and bad. Cliff’s bittersweet songs and engaging storytelling are the product of a mature and tested performer with the highest level of craftsmanship. He has been an important voice in New Folk for four decades.

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Dan Berggren is a tradition-based songsmith with Adirondack roots who writes with honesty, humor and a strong sense of place. “Dan is . . .  articulating things that need to be said right now.” – Bill McKibben

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Sons of jazz legend Dave Brubeck, Dan (drums) and Chris (bass, trombone) along with Mike DeMicco (guitar) and Chuck Lamb (Lena’s resident jazz pianist), maintain the Brubeck family tradition with a style that merges jazz, funk, blues & world music with breathtaking musicianship and joie de vivre. 

In 2017, you all created a rebirth for Caffe Lena with a top-to-bottom renovation of a building that gone beyond “deferred maintenance” to being truly on its last legs. Since then, we’ve assiduously maintained all the new equipment and dealt with needed repairs without delay. Our whole staff spent last Wednesday doing a spring cleaning that started in the attic and left no corner untouched. Your donations make it possible to provide a home for music is that inspiring to performers and truly delicious for the audience.  Thank You.

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There’s still time to see last weekend’s shows!