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Stringband balladeers Stillhouse Junkies is our pick for this month’s Bright Series. This is your chance to be among the first in our region to discover the next big thing in roots music! Click photo for a music sample.
Greetings – Three heads are better than one–when it comes to music. 🙂  This is the week of trios. Trios are small enough for each member to reveal their special strength, and big enough for exciting interplay that brings out the best in each musician.

This reminds me of another trio that makes Caffe Lena shine: the musicians, the audience, and the team running the venue. Our musicians give some of their best performances on our inspiring stage. Every night the audience brings their full attention and passionate enthusiasm. And the team behind the scenes–staff & volunteer–is devoted to live music and grassroots community building. In related news, a number of us have been nominated for Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards (The Eddies) this year! Wish us luck at the April 30th awards ceremony at Proctor’s!

Jim Mastrianni
=Recent Past Board President=
Recording Studio of the Year
Reese Fulmer
=Caffe Lena TV & Community Programs Manager=
Americana Band of the Year
Video of the Year
Record of the Year

Michael Eck
=Long-time member of our Board of Directors=
Solo or Duo Artist of the Year
Folk / Traditional Artist of the Year
Songwriter of the Year
Chuck Lamb
=Curator and anchor of JAZZ at Caffe Lena=
Jazz Artist of the Year
Oona Grady & James Gascoyne – Drank the Gold
=Caffe Lena School of Music Youth Instructors=
Folk / Traditional Artist of the Year
Sarah Craig
=Exective Director=
Presenter of the Year
See you at the show,
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Pianist Lamb (Brubeck Bros Quartet) is joined by celebrated tenor sax master Chico Freeman, along with drums and bass. In his latest work, Freeman has explored hip hop, funk, bebop, post-bop, the blues, and melodies conjured from African and Asian scales. The Chuck Lamb Trio will explore, improvise and create with him for a thrilling night of world-class jazz.

This series is made possible by the support of the New York State Council on the Arts.

Sample Song I In-person tickets | Watch on Caffe Lena TV

With openers Carling & Will.  Fusing sounds of the Isle of Skye and Cape Breton with Americana grooves and innovations, this top-notch trio creates a cutting-edge acoustic sound that retains the integrity and spirit of the Scottish tradition.

Sample Song |  In-person tickets | Watch on Caffe Lena TV

In 2021, the International Bluegrass Music Association awarded their top prize for an emerging band, the Momentum Band of the Year, to Colorado’s Stillhouse Junkies. The trio went on to become two-time Telluride Bluegrass band contest finalists. This fast-rising trio plays a delirious, head-spinning mixture of original roots, blues, funk, swing, and bluegrass music and is a perfect fit for our Bright Series!

This series is made possible by the support of Kevin & Claudia Bright.

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Steady, churning acoustic guitar, gospel emotion & eerie exploration provide the bedrock for Taylor’s existential ruminations about parenthood, joy, hope, and loneliness. He has released a new record almost every year for the past six, but “more impressive than the sheer quantity of the North Carolina singer-songwriter’s output is the degree of spiritual sensitivity, compositional craft, and high-stakes emotional urgency Taylor has been able to bring to each collection in such quick succession.” (Rolling StoneA handful of seats are still available for both shows. 

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Powerful line-up! NPR dubbed trad multi-instrumentalist and raconteur Jake Blount “an Afrofuturist in roots-music garb.” Jake will be joined by percussive dancer Nic Gareiss and fiddler-banjoist-fingerstyle electric guitarist Premo for a beautiful and honest exploration of America’s roots music.

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There’s still time to see last weekend’s shows!
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