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There’s nothing like the intimacy of a singer-songwriter on stage at Caffe Lena. Kris Delmhorst is a gem. Click photo to hear her with husband Jeffrey Foucault.
Greetings – The big news here at folk headquarters is that we have a new Caffe Lena baby! Ophelia Vosganian was born to operations director Mateo and his wife on January 24. We have big plans for her. Folk Club Kids comes first. Then the School of Music. Then open mic. Then . . . 🙂  Do you remember how much you loved music when you were little? I certainly remember a lot of wild dancing in the living room when I was supposed to be getting ready for bed. It’s so good to know that the simple pleasure of a beat and a melody can still stir our hearts–whether we’re tiny and new, or looking back at a long life full of songs.
Enjoy exploring this week’s wonderful offerings. There’s music for quiet relaxation, and music for getting your boogie on.

See you at the show,

Thursday, Feb 2 / 7 PM / $20.35
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Lush vocal harmonies beautifully intertwined. Culomba, meaning “dove” in Corsican, is an accomplished folk ensemble trained by master traditional singers from around the globe. They bring their singing-around-the-kitchen-table style to the stage for a journey through American folk, Mediterranean and Renaissance music. Says one fan: “The group never fails to locate the music in the tradition, in a way that involves anecdotes, jokes, a well-placed comparison; they pull you into participation.”
Friday, Feb 3  / 8 PM / $24.65
Kris Delmhorst
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Singer-songwriter, troubadour and musical alchemist Kris Delmhorst likes to write songs from the inside out. Songs that she doesn’t know the answer to, and sometimes doesn’t even know what the question is yet. Her soulful, thoughtful and richly entertaining music is called “bold and brilliant” by the Boston Globe and “transcendent” by the LA Times. She’s been compared to Anaïs Mitchell, Lucinda Williams, and Juana Molina – though she cites Rickie Lee Jones, in all her fearless joy and complexity, as an artistic north star. Delmhorst’s folk soundscape is open and honest, celebrates vulnerability, and offers listeners gentle motivation when she sings “Keep on pushing and you’ll find a way through.”

Saturday Feb 4 / 8 PM / $22.50
Nite Train: A Tribute to Thomasina Winslow
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Celebrated Capital Region musician Thomasina Winslow was known for putting mettle to the American roots pedal in her fusion of acoustic guitar-driven Delta blues and pop. She passed away unexpectedly in January. She was one of the few African-American women producing records for indie artists, including for herself. Winslow earned an Eddies’ Music Award nomination in 2019 for Blues Artist of the Year. Her band, Nite Train, celebrates her life and legacy with a buoyant combination of rockin’ blues, funk & R&B. Get ready to tap your feet and groove all night!

Sunday, Feb 5 / 7 PM / $27.88
Bella’s Bartok 
We’re pulling out the front tables to make room for dancing!
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Ranging from “bohemian folk-punk” to “circus-themed electric art rock,” Bella’s Bartok is informed by Eastern European folk music, suffused with the energy of punk rock, and tinted with a Dixieland. Fans call it Freak Folk. BB gets their inspiration from Goran Bregović, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, System of a Down, Tom Waits and Oingo Boingo. The music is full volume, and even the waltzes come at breakneck speed. This getaway music for a horse-drawn caravan is borschtcore at its best.

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There’s still time to see last weekend’s shows!