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Greetings – That’s beautiful spirit Shamarr Allen up there blowing his trumpet. Give his photo a click and see if you don’t start smiling at his Quarantine Chill. Gratitude to Shamarr for bringing the party no matter how tight the walls closed in over the last year. I want to see you all dancing like the folks in the video when he and his band take the stage on Friday night!

Thanks to all of you who have tried out CaffeLena.TV. Our most watched vault shows of the past week were Anne Hampton Callaway, The Gibson Brothers, and Chuck Lamb with Chico Freeman. Sounds like we’ve got some jazz fans hanging out in that vault! And our top live stream of the week was enduring favorite Bill Staines.

See you at the show,


Monday, Sept 20 / 7 PM / Suggested donation $5

Tuesday, Sept 21 / 7 PM / $10
Rochmon Record Club Presents
Paul Simon’s Graceland

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Tuesday, Sept 21 / 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show: KYSHONA

Listen on WEXT 97.7 or 106.1 FM

Wednesday, Sept 22 / 7 PM / $5 at the door
Acoustic Blues Night
Featuring Eric Pepinger

Wednesday, Sept 22 / 7 PM & 12 AM, Sunday, Sept 26 / 1 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show: PETER MULVEY
Listen on “Folk Music Notebook” Internet Folk Radio

Thursday, Sept 23 / 7 PM / $24
Rushad Eggleston
In-person tickets
Watch on Caffe Lena TV

Whimsical, inventive, brilliant and joyful Rushad Eggleston is the Ambassador of Sneth and Wild Cello Goblin. His introduction of fiddle style to the cello has won him a Grammy nomination as part of his quartet with Bruce Molsky, Michael Doucet and Darol Anger. He was a founding member of renowned alt-bluegrass band Crooked Still. He wears a jester costume, sings in his own imaginary language and will keep you on the edge of your seat with his amazing performance.
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Friday, Sept 24 / 12 – 1 PM / FREE
Captain Fun Lunchtime Listening Hour
With DJ Chuck Vosganian & Curator Sarah Craig
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Bring a lunch and relax with an hour of music and stories.
You may have noticed those big purple record shelves in our lobby? That record collection belonged to the late Al “Captain Fun” McKenney and every record in it was like a friend to him. Once a month we invite someone to dig into the collection and find an hour of music to rekindle memories. Sarah speaking here: This month I’m taking a turn picking the songs! My playlist will include some of Al’s favorites.
Friday, Sept 24 / 8 PM / $24
Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs
In-person tickets
Watch on Caffe Lena TV

Funky, fun and full of good vibes. Shamarr Allen returns to our stage with his NOLA jazz explosion. If you need a shot of energy and encouragement, come! A couple hours of the Underdawgs will lighten your load and get you back in the game.
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Saturday, Sept 25 / 8 PM / $18
Don Armstrong with Liz Cerepanya & Pete Ronstandt
In-person tickets
Watch on Caffe Lena TV

Don Armstrong embodies the heart and soul of Caffe Lena. He grew up here in this room and began playing on stage as a young man. He now makes his home on the other side of the country and his annual pilgrimage back to Saratoga is a highlight of our fall season. He continues to write new songs and collaborate with new partners. You’ll hear rich vocal blends, adept playing, spiritual and playful ballads, and laughter–lots and lots of laughter.
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Most of those friendly souls in the black Volunteer aprons who greet you at the door and deliver your cookies are Members of Caffe Lena. They’re teachers, doctors, engineers, janitors, artists and students. They are a big part of what is special about this place. They turn every show into a community gathering. To all you Member Volunteers, we’re truly grateful for your gift of time and treasure!

Caffe Lena has nearly 1,000 active members. These folks are planting songs and growing community with their annual donations. They also get the best seats in the house, early access to special shows and some neat swag. Learn More