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Greetings – Two in from Texas this week! Ley Line and the Quebe Sisters. The number of national bands hitting the road is growing daily, with most organizing their tours around outdoor music festivals. Things are getting better for touring artists, but the music world is still nowhere close to normal. The barn concerts and volunteer-run series that fill gaps between anchor dates are mostly still shut down so the drives between shows are long and expensive. If you’re watching our livestream, those tips are still very much needed by our artists, and by our venue while we wait to return to full capacity. You’ve worked miracles! Thank you.

About those bands from Texas . . . both are Caffe Lena first-timers! Many want to play our famous stage and only the best of the best make the cut. Their musicianship is phenomenal and their stagecraft is first class. Taking a chance on something new at Caffe Lena is bound to bring delight–as many of you have discovered. The music world thrives because of you!

See you at the show,

Monday, July 12 / 7 PM / $5
Rick’s Picks: Sydney Worthley

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Tuesday / 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show

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Featuring: Roy Book Binder

Wednesday / 7 PM
Encores: Weds @ Midnight and Sunday at 1 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show: 
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Wednesday, July 14 / 7 PM / $20
Co-Presented with 
Sustainable Saratoga
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Ley Line is the amalgam of two duos: twin sisters Lydia and Maddy Froncek, and Emilie Basez and Kate Robberson. Driven by curiosity and a love of the earth, they’re world travelers who have immersed themselves in the music of West Africa, Brazil and Latin America. All of these sounds, plus the American folk and blues they were raised on, come together in multi-lingual, intimate, harmony-driven songs that communicate in the borderless language of music.
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Thursday, July 15 / 7 PM / $15
Zan & The Winterfolk
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With a string-band toolkit of banjo, bass and a couple guitars, you might think The Winterfolk is going to deliver bluegrass. Not so. They ply their instruments in service of lyric-driven indie folk. Zan Strumfeld is the lyricist and arranger who has driven her band to the top of the Capital Region Americana scene with songs that are insightful, heartbreaky, knowing and raw.
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Friday, July 16 / 8 PM / SOLD OUT
Suitcase Junket
Album Release Concert: The End is New
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Matt Lorenz, AKA The Suitcase Junket, is a one man band. Not because it’s a cool gimmick, but because he’s utterly independent and that’s what it takes to produce the raucous, raw, rock sounds that live in his heart. He builds the instruments and lets it rip as he shares a thrilling inner landscape populated by characters, voices, stories, and newsreels that are equal part unflinching reality and wild, beautiful hope.
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Saturday, July 17 / 5:30 & 8 PM / SOLD OUT
Rachael & Vilray
We won’t be livestreaming tonight, but we will be gathered at Lena’s for a couple intimate shows with vocalist Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive and the delightful guitarist Vilray. Sorry folks! Next time we’ll have more seats for you.
Sunday, July 18 / 7 PM / $24 
Quebe Sisters
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It’s too rare that we get authentic Western Swing here on the East Coast. The Quebe Sisters (pronouced Kway-bee) hail from the homeland of this quintessentially American form of folk music, TEXAS. With their triple-fiddles and exquisitely layered vocal harmonies, they deliver like few others. Not to be missed!!
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Arrived!  New and improved couches, with fresh pillows!
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Thanks, Members, for all you do keep our music community strong.
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