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Not the greatest photography, but definitely the greatest moment. Bill Staines was back on stage and people were in the seats singing along from song #1.

Greetings – During the long months of the shutdown (which is far from completely over), some determined musicians headed to recording studios to prepare new music for that golden day when they could get back on tour. Many new albums have been released online, but the songs have not yet been played on a real stage. Well, now is the time! We’ll be seeing a lot of “Album Release Shows” over the next few months. This week we have three. Each night since we opened on April 2 we’ve been treated to a “world premiere” of at least one brand new song. It’s heartwarming to see the joy (and nervousness!) the musicians feel when hearing your hands clapping in appreciation the first time the song is heard live.

Carolyn has been busy adding my recent May bookings to our website calendar over the past few days. The month of May includes a lot of really wonderful shows so be sure to take a look.

Thanks for all you’re doing to keep our music community strong.

See you at the show,
All shows are streamed live with three cameras & premium audio.
Limited tickets are available to attend in person starting April 2.1. Click a photo below to go directly to that broadcast, OR
2. Visit our Livestream Webpage and click the red box labeled “More Info”


Monday, April 19 / 7 PM

Rick’s Picks: Phil Henry
In-person tickets
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Vermont singer-songwriter Phil Henry has brought his songs to Lena’s stage for years. We love the way his up-tempo, folk-pop songs are like little short stories, taking us inside memories and moments of love. This will be one of his first opportunities to share his new album, Chasing Echoes.
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Tuesday,  April 20 / 10:30 AM
Folk Club Kids!
Dan Berggren, Oona Grady and James Gascoyne are back with more bouncy folksongs and fiddle tunes for littlest music lovers (and their grown-ups!). We’ll enjoy a storybook and find out what surprise is in the Big Box this week. We’ll learn about a special spot on the globe and practice singing the songs we’ve learned. Let’s pass the folk tradition forward!

Made possible by NYSCA & Polyset

Tuesday, April 20 / 7 PM
Rochmon Record Club:
Hall & Oats Greatest Hits, Part I

In-person Tickets
Watch from homeEntertaining, nostalgic, fascinating and eye-opening, Rochmon Record Club is a way to learn what makes the greatest albums great. Rochmon is the human music encyclopedia Chuck Vosganian.
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Tuesday, April 20 / 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show
Listen on WEXT 97.7 & 106.1 FM
Featuring: DRIFTWOOD
This stringband from western NY was overjoyed to get back on a real stage when they came to Lena’s last summer. Tune in on the radio to hear the bluegrassy, raucous jamband tunes that have made them an audience favorite up and down the East Coast.
Wednesday, April 21 / 7 PM
Bluegrass Jam
with Red Spruce

In-person tickets
Watch & pick from home
For the first time in more than a year we’ll have some folks in the room to sing and pick along with our bluegrass jam leaders. They’ll call the tunes and the key, and the rest is up to you!
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Friday, April 23 / 8 PM

Honeysuckle Album Release
In-person SOLD OUT

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Holly and Chris are Berklee-trained musicians who mix sophisticated electronic enhancements with guitar and mandolin. Their songs are emotive, harmony-rich & haunting. Their new album, The Great Divide, dropped 4/9.
Saturday, April 24 / 5 & 8 PM

Early show
Late show
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Baritone powerhouse Sean Rowe innovated his way through the pandemic, sending out regular livestreams from his home studio in Troy, NY. He’s a musical artist, wild food forager, and leader of a passionate community of fans. Prioritizing connection and authenticity, he’ll play an intimate house concert one night, and a major theater the next.  His lyrics are deeply affecting and his muscular guitar style is unforgettable.
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Sunday, April 25 / 7 PM
Deb Cavanaugh & Dandelion Wine
Album Release: Love Songs & Lullabies
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Singer-songwriter Deb Cavanaugh has been part of Lena’s roster since the 80s. She has spent a lifetime making music, from churches to rock bands, playing jazz, folk, world music and children’s songs. She brings her vast palette of styles together with her big thoughts about life in her brand new album, Love Songs & Lullabies. Tonight she celebrates the release with a full band show.
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