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As warm weather approaches and vaccinations take hold, many are curious about what Saratoga’s performing arts will look like this summer. Learn more from this recent conversation between SPAC, Opera Saratoga & Caffe Lena.
Your Seat Is Waiting!
Greetings – How many times over the past year have you heard us say, “We’ll be back in person someday, but we don’t know when.” Now we know! It’s right around the corner: Friday, April 2nd. Today the very limited ticket supply goes on sale and we encourage you to act quickly if you’d like to attend your first concert since last March.Our room is set up with six couches and six tables. We expect approximately 24 people per show, depending on the size of the group sharing each “pod.” The maximum group size is four. If you reserve a solo ticket, we may pair you with one other person in one of the most spacious seating areas. For our first month, masks will be required from arrival to departure and the kitchen will be closed.

It’s a good, solid start down the road to the new normal. Every day I stand in awe of the tenacious community that stuck together and kept live music alive so we could get to this long-awaited moment.  Good work, team!


All shows feature three cameras & premium audio.
Until it’s safe, there will be no live audience at the venue.1. Click a photo below to go directly to that broadcast, OR
2. Go to www.CaffeLena.org and click the red box for “Watch Live on YouTube”


Monday, March 22 / 7 PM

Rick’s Picks: Turnover Mule
Tonight we experience a whole new side of Will Levith, editor of Saratoga Living Magazine. Turnover Mule is Will’s folk-rock project, featuring his original songs delivered by a quintet of banjo, bass, drums and a pair of guitars. They began releasing tracks in January, produced in the increasingly famous Saratoga Springs studio of (Lena’s Board Prez) Jim Mastrianni.
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Tuesday, March 23 / 7 PM
Kate Dudding, Linda McKenney
& James Bruchac

Settle in for an hour of stories for adults. Tonight we’ll hear from three Capital Region tellers who will treat us to timeless Native American tales, humorous personal stories set in the here and now, and inspiring narratives about heroes you may or may not have heard of.
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Tuesday, 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show
Listen on WEXT 97.7 & 106.1 FM
Featuring: TEOA

TEOA arrived from Philly, NYC and CT just this past weekend, bathing us in their glorious harmonies for the third time since the shutdown began. Their vocal layering is reminiscent of Darlingside. Tonight WEXT shares their Caffe Lena show on the radio for all those who missed it, or for whom once was not enough.
Wednesday, March 24 / 7 PM
Hosted by Red Spruce

The familiar, friendly hosts of our monthly bluegrass night will lead an unlimited virtual jam circle with the five of them on stage at Lena’s and you picking from your couch at home. Let’s see what kind of harmonious connection we can create tonight!
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Thursday, March 25 / 7 PM
Saratoga Veteran’s Business Council
Comedy Night Fundraiser

A pandemic silver lining has been the chance to use our stage and cameras to amplify the good work of fellow nonprofits in the Capital Region. Tonight we are hosting an important yet funny comedy fundraiser for Veterans Business Council, a project of the Chamber that connects area vets with jobs, training, and education in entrepreneurship. Please tune in and show your support!
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Friday, March 26 / 8 PM

Old Songs at Caffe Lena
Just down the road in Voorheesville, NY, our friends at Old Songs Inc have been celebrating and nurturing traditional music and dance since 1977. John Roberts is one of their signature artists. Born in England, John’s repertoire comprises songs more than 100 years old, many of them connected with seafaring. He tells ripping good stories about the songs before launching into a masterful performance.
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Saturday, March 27 / 8 PM 

Maria Gillard Trio
Album Release Concert
We welcome back Maria Gillard, a wonderful musician and songwriter from the Fingerlakes who is returning to our stage for the first time since 2003! She draws from a music lover’s pallette of jazz, folk and blues to create new songs that swing and stir. She’ll be joined by Perry Cleaveland on mandolin and fiddle, and Doug Henrie on bass for tonight’s album release.
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Sunday, March 28 / 3:00 PM
Drank the Gold & Leah Grady
Made Possible By Polyset & New York State Council On the Arts
Our monthly matinee for kids and their grown-ups is back in business! This kick-off will be livestream only, but soon we’ll return to in-person gatherings where kids are welcome to wiggle, sing and discover the joy of live music. Oona and James of Drank the Gold are not only the faculty of the Caffe Lena School of Music Youth Track, they are seasoned Irish musicians loved throughout the region for their jaunty jigs and reels. Joined by Oona’s cousin Leah, you’ll enjoy dances, songs and tunes to banish any lingering cabin fever!