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Want to get happy for 28 seconds? Watch this slideshow!
Music by Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys
Greetings – To be honest, my feet were dragging a little as this week approached. It’s the one-year anniversary of shuttering the venue, with no clear end in sight. But then came the sudden news that performing arts venues in New York State are allowed to re-open at 33% capacity on APRIL 2. It means we can welcome you back, in-person, for live music. That feels good.

Here’s our plan:

  • Yes, we’ll reopen on April 2. Our protocols are in place and we’re ready. Ticket sales will begin this coming week. Members with free tickets–Frequent Folkie and up–can start claiming seats immediately via email or voicemail.
  • While the guidance would allow 35 people at the venue, we’re going to limit the audience to 24 max. We’re already set up and measured for that, and it feels like a cautious and comfortable place to start.
  • We won’t serve food and drink yet. That means masks can (must) stay on from entry to exit.
  • We’re getting the air filter systems that we didn’t think we’d need ’til September. Even so, we’ll keep the windows open a little. Wear a sweater.
Do you have any idea how happy the musicians will be to have you in the room? Very, very happy. And the staff? Jubilant. And you?? Let us know!

See you at the show,

P.S. About that celebratory video up top: Carolyn set up a camera at the back of the room for a couple months. Every night she snapped a photo of the musicians on stage from the same spot. These are a few of her favorite shots.

All shows feature three cameras & premium audio.
Until it’s safe, there will be no live audience at the venue.

1. Click a photo below to go directly to that broadcast, OR
2. Go to www.CaffeLena.org and click the red box for “Watch Live on YouTube”


Monday, March 8 / 7 PM

Rick’s Picks: Justin Joyner and Natalie & Andy

Justin is a busy local pro, playing all sorts of bars and events both solo and with bands. He’s known for his covers, but tonight we get to hear some of his originals. Natalie & Andy bring a happy, mellow vibe to the stage. Natalie is a born pop and soul singer and Andy is an impressive guitarist.

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Tuesday, March 9 / 10:30 AM

Oona Grady, James Gascoyne & Dan Berggren

Relax and smile for a 1/2 hour with bouncy folk tunes, funny jokes, little lessons and a delightful storybook.

Tell the kids in your life so they can watch with you! You can say Hi to each other in the chat!

Generously underwritten by New York State Council on the Arts and Polyset

Tuesday, March 9 / 7 PM
Chuck Lamb Trio
A Tribute to Chick Corea

Beloved, groundbreaking jazz pianist Chick Corea passed away in February at the age of 79. He touched the lives of millions and forever changed the boundaries of jazz. Our jazz audience is stoked for this tribute show played by Brubeck Brothers pianist Chuck Lamb joined by Jay Anderson on bass and Harvey Sorgen on drums.

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Tuesday, March 9 / 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show
Listen on WEXT 97.7 & 106.1 FM

This “Live From Caffe Lena” broadcast is a little different than usual. This show was produced in Darlingside’s studio for a ticketed online concert that we sponsored. Here’s your chance to hear the whole, gorgeous thing if you missed it on February 11!

Wednesday, March 10 / 7 PM
A Conversation with Larry Edelson, Sarah Craig and Elizabeth Sobol
Facilitated by Vivian Nesbitt of NPR’s Art of the Song

To mark one-year since performing arts venues were shuttered because of Covid-19, we bring together the leaders of three very different local arts organizations to share ideas onstage at Caffe Lena. We’ll learn about how the shutdown has impacted their venues long term, when they expect to reopen, and what reopening might look like this year. Vivian Nesbitt of “Art of the Song,” a syndicated NPR radio show, will lead Elizabeth Sobol of SPAC, Lawrence Edelson of Opera Saratoga and Sarah Craig of Caffe Lena through the maze of decisions these arts leaders are navigating this spring.

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Thursday, March 11 / 7 PM

Wild Adriatic 
Saratoga-based power trio, sometimes quartet, Wild Adriatic is a rowdy rock band that shakes the rafters and fuels good, positive feelings. Lead singer Travis Gray is one of the best rock singers we’ve heard with incredible range, clarity and emotion. Pre pandemic the band toured nationally and internationally, but nobody loves them like we do here in Saratoga!
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Friday, March 12 / 8 PM
Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys
Co-presented with Ripton Community Coffeehouse

In the spirit of reaching new listeners and helping some of our favorite venues survive, Caffe Lena occasionally brings a co-presenter on board to get our music out to the world. Based in Ripton, Vermont, tonight’s partner is virtual-co-hosting one of our all-time favorite bluegrass bands. Tune in on Lena’s YouTube and say howdy to all our new friends in the Green Mountain State! The Railroad Boys play high-lonesome, hard-driving bluegrass that will get you dancing on your couch.

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Saturday, March 13 / 8 PM 

Grayson Hugh Trio
Word has been spreading among musicians about the great livestreams happening at Caffe Lena. Grayson introduced himself to us last spring and we immediately wondered why it had taken so long to discover this amazing songwriter with major label albums and an international career. Every song sounds like a folk-rock #1 radio hit. Harmony vocals by Polly Messer and acoustic guitar and more harmonies by Tim MacDonald. If you like Pousette-Dart and Aztec Two-Step, you will love Grayson Hugh.
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Sunday, March 14 / 7 PM

Judy Kass
Judy is an inspiration to anyone who has put a dream on hold for the sake of pursuing another career. She fully embraced music in 2001 after losing 300 colleagues in the 9-11 attack. Her songs set out to heal the world with beautiful melodies and words that dig down to a place of clarity and compassion. She first played our stage as part of TrueSongs where she debuted this beautiful song for HOPE Animal Shelter.
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