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Lena Nargi Spencer  |  Born January 4, 1923
“I’ve weathered the crunch through determination, perseverance, hard work and a strong conviction that what I’m doing here is worth continuing.”

Greetings – Feelings ran high on New Year’s Eve as we streamed a heartfelt celebration consisting of twenty amazing songs from 2020. There was a sense of pride, relief, and perhaps a bit of disbelief that our community managed to keep the music going through nine months of ever-changing rules, tightening restrictions, fear, separation, hope, need, love. Brave musicians, a talented production crew, an audience willing to make the most of an online viewing experience, and hundreds and hundreds of people digging deep to fill the virtual tip jar. We’re not done yet, but we have demonstrated that we can keep this going.

An essential part of funding this un-ticketed, wing-and-a-prayer online programming is Lena’s Annual Fund Drive, which wrapped up on December 31st at midnight. We’re thrilled to announce that $47,000 has been donated in amounts ranging from $5 to $5,000, including 88 first-time donations. We’re entering 2021 in a strong position and you can 100% count on us being here for you and for the music you love until  . . . . THE DOORS OPEN!

With Gratitude & Admiration,
All Of These Events Are Streamed Live
We use three high-def cameras and premium audio.
Live music venues are still not allowed to have an audience in NYS.1. Click a photo below to go directly to that broadcast, OR
2. Go to www.CaffeLena.org and click the red box for “Watch Live on YouTube”


Monday, Jan 4 / 7 PM

Rick’s Picks: Andy Iorio & George Krakat
Celebrated by NPR and played around the world, Saratoga-based pianist Andy Iorio was interviewed by Saratoga Living Magazine when he released his 3rd album in the spring of 2019. Demonstrating the topsy turvy state of the music world, we get him tonight for Lena’s local music showcase.
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Tuesday, 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio Show
Listen on WEXT 97.7 & 106.1 FM
Featuring: JES HUDAK

She honed her craft on Lena’s open mic stage and then took her songs to the world stage, making her name on TV, club shows in LA, commercials, film music. She’s now back in her hometown, with a baby and beautiful new songs which she shared with us in this special homecoming show from December.
Wednesday, Jan 6 / 7 PM
Judith Prest, Melody Davis
& Alan Catlin

Three leading writers in the rich Capital Region poetry scene share some of their work from Lena’s stage tonight. Set aside your work and distractions for an hour and see where the words take you. Host Carol Graser has been convening poets on Lena’s stage every 1st Wednesday for 17 years
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Friday, Jan 8 / 8 PM

Maswick & Brown
We regard these two as Saratoga’s answer to Simon and Garfunkel. Celebrated guitarist Joel Brown and multi-instrumentalist Dave Maswick create a pitch-perfect, tenor vocal blend. Their original songs hit the sweet spot of anyone who loves singer-songwriters of the 70s and 80s, The Beatles, and words that will stand the test of time.
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Saturday Jan 9 / 8 PM
Mikaela Davis
We’re really excited to welcome western NY artist Mikaela Davis to the Caffe stage for the first time. As a harp player, her music has a beautiful, open, ringing quality whether she’s playing a tender, traditional ballad or a rock original. She’s perfect for fans of Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith & Anais Mitchell. For safety’s sake, Mikaela is pairing down her band to a duo tonight.
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Sunday, Jan 10 / 7 PM

The North Country Jazz Collective

Comprised of Southern Adirondack jazz fans, the Collective plays vintage Jazz, joyful jazz-rock, classic standards and new standards. Featuring Max Garrett (bass), Dave Hosley (trumpet & keyboard), Bob Moore (saxophone), and Al Tolomeo (drums).

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