The Galaxybabs Birthday Benefit Bash

Thursday, January 4th 2018 Caffe Lena

The Galaxybabs Birthday ​B​enefit ​B​ash is an annual ​l​ive ​music celebration that raises money for a local cause.​​ This popular event is organized by local singer-​songwriter​ Galaxybabs to ​celebrate her birthday and help her community. ​It just so happens that​ Galaxybabs and Lena Spencer, the legendary founder of Caffe Lena, share a birthday! This January 4th, Galaxybabs will turn 40​ and Lena would have turned 95.

Caffe Lena has enthusiastically​ agreed to host the event and will be this year’s beneficiary. Free will donations are encouraged and they will be put towards Caffe Lena’s programming.

The show will start at 7pm.  The lineup of Saratoga musicians ​will be as follows:
Drew Wardle of Paradox Saints
Zak Young and Eric Matson
Zach Hay of North & South Dakotas
Drank the Gold​ (James Gascoyne & Oona Grady​)​
Space Jam (Dickie Ogden, Kyle Rodd, Brian Michael & Galaxybabs)