Artists, Farmers & Activists Talk About Local Homelessness & Affordable Housing


Wednesday, Nov 29 | 6 PM to 8:30 PM | FREE & Open to All

“Conversations to Build An Inclusive American Community” is a monthly discussion series in which our community’s brightest thinkers articulate their perspectives on important civic issues. The goal is to catalyze fresh thinking by bringing together people from a wide range of fields to share a conversation that is respectful, deep, empowering and unique The month of November is dedicated to homelessness awareness so our major theme for this series opener will be homelessness and the crisis in affordable housing in our area. Michael Finocchi from Shelters of Saratoga and David Snider of rural Hubbard Hall arts center will join in conversation with farmers who feed us all, and artists who help us comprehend the beauty of our earth and its people. We are also planning an exhibition of photographer Mark McCarty’s “Faces of the Homeless.” The curator and sponsor of this series is In Our Name Initiative, an organization dedicated to civic learning and legislative action for social, economic and criminal justice matters. In Our Name is a component of the Skidmore College Project on Restorative Justice, a national thought and training organization dedicated to the work of reconciling victims and offenders and finding more constructive ways to deal with crime and punishment.