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Volunteers are involved in all aspects of running Caffe Lena, from staffing the shows to working toward the renovation of our building.  If you have the time and interest, we have the jobs!  Here are the main areas in which we’re seeking volunteers:


Every weekend we need at least fifteen shifts filled in order to fully staff our concerts.  The show jobs are Greeter, Server, Drink-maker, Food Prep, and Dishwasher.  You must be at least fourteen years old to work at shows.   Some volunteers work several times a month and others come only a few times each year.   An ideal show volunteer is flexible, outgoing, full of pep, loves music, and enjoys working with people of ages and walks of life.

Building Maintenance

We have occasional need for help with painting, light plumbing, light carpentry, grounds maintenance, and sometimes fun and creative fix-up projects.  If you’re talented with a paintbrush or hammer or rake, we’d love to add you to our list of building maintenance volunteers.

Office Help

If you have daytime hours available, we often need help with filing, photocopying, creating posters, data entry, sending out mailings, sorting the recycling, and lots of other odds and ends.

To get involved in any of these areas, please start by emailing sarah@caffelena.org


Professional Skills

Our Board of Directors is seeking to partner with supportive professionals in the areas of fundraising, law, real estate, accounting, construction, historic preservation, and more.  If you have a professional background in a field relevant to the renovation of our building (fundraising or construction) and would be willing to donate some pro bono hours, we would love to talk with you.  Please contact Stanley McGaughey, stanley@caffelena.org