Preserve our History

The Caffè Lena History Project is an initiative created by History Project Director Jocelyn Arem on behalf of Caffè Lena, a nonprofit organization. As a special outreach project in collaboration with Caffè Lena and serving to augment the Caffè’s full time operating activity, this project does not receive any direct funding from Caffè Lena. It therefore depends entirely on grant and donor support from outside agencies and individuals. Please donate today! Your charitable donation is tax deductible. We seek funds to support:

  • Research and production costs for our Book, CD/DVD box and exhibition
  • Project operation including office overhead, archival storage, travel and supplies
  • Development of the Caffè Lena Digital Archive
  • Development of the Caffè Lena History Project website

Donate Online:  History Project Donations

Donate by Check:  Make your check payable to: Caffè Lena and *please write in memo line: “History Project”. Send your check to: History Project c/o Caffè Lena,  PO Box 245, 47 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

As the story of Caffè Lena unfolds, we are happy to come across so many connections with our fellow Saratoga Springs organizations. We encourage you to visit Women of ’69, Unboxed to see how Caffè Lena fits into this documentary on the graduates of Skidmore College, class of 1969.