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Small stage, big story.

When you attend a performance here, you are one of eighty-five: friends and musicians, first-timers and tradition-bearers. No matter how you arrive here, a performance at Caffè Lena is an intimate experience where you are as much a participant in the performance as the musician on stage. Each night when the lights dim, a conversation begins between you and the artist, and it carries on well after the dishes are cleared and the guitars packed away.

That these stories and experiences have somewhere to unfold is what makes Caffè Lena not just a special place, but a necessary one. For more than fifty years, Caffè Lena has remained a folk music coffeehouse, yes; but also a place where our common story continues to develop.

As our shared story continues to be written and sung from our little corner of the world, it is you who makes it possible.  As incredible talents continue to emerge all around us, we ask that you consider making a contribution to Caffè Lena’s annual fund. Your donation allows us to support today’s voices in music, poetry, and storytelling, and share them with you each and every week.

By supporting Caffè Lena’s annual fund, you can help write the next chapter. Please contribute today.