Behind the big, sliding metal door near the top of the stairs at Caffè Lena is a dark chamber filled with a sense of magic. Feeling almost like a secret room, the lights come on to reveal a bank of forty-five theater seats, racks of lights, and a well-used stage. Known in Lena’s day as the Gallery Theatre and now called Caffè Lena’s Black Box Theater, the room remains the only small theater in town. It is the perfect choice for debuting new works, putting on one-man-shows, and building an exciting piece with a small budget.

Omoye Cooper, Burundi Dancers

This simple facility has a remarkable history: it launched the Kaffeteria Players and Gallery Players, The Homemade Theater, now in residence at the Spa Little Theater, and Fovea Floods which went on to produce acclaimed avante garde shows in New York City. Spalding Gray and John Wynne-Evans were part of the scene in the 1970s and 80s. Lena Spencer, whose first love was acting, starred in many plays during her twenty-nine years here.

Hours for performances and rehearsals are limited to weekend matinees, Monday and Tuesday evenings, and weekdays until 4 PM.