Open Mic is taking a vacation for the month of July. We’ll be back in August and we can’t wait to hear all the new songs you’ve been working on!

Caffè Lena has a long history of providing a stage for new performers who go on to become some of the nation’s best-loved artists. We’re also famed for providing a stage to lots of talented folks who never become famous, but who keep the arts alive and growing for all to enjoy. Open Mic is an important part of this tradition.

Open Mic Night takes place every Monday. This open mic is for all styles of music and spoken word performance, including poetry, comedy, and storytelling. Most of what you’ll hear is original songs on acoustic instruments, but we warmly welcome whatever you have to offer. 

Performer sign-up is from 7 to 7:25 PM. Performances start at 7:30. No advance registration by phone is permitted. If you can’t come in time for registration the host may be able to add you to the end of the roster. If you don’t get the timeslot you want you may be able to swap with someone else.

Participants play two songs or speak for 10 minutes. Under all but the most extreme circumstances we do not limit the number of performers.

Sign up is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE but we are able to accommodate younger performers, performers who have traveled a long distance, or performers who have a time constraint.

Excessive profanity and vulgarity are strongly discouraged. It is up to the discretion of the host to determine if a performance is inappropriate for Caffè Lena. Please bear in mind that Caffè Lena is not a bar and often has children in the audience.

Our hosts are:

  • Ray Pashoukos – First Monday
  • Blaise Santangelo.- Second Monday
  • Gary Moon– Third Monday
  • Kate Blain – Fourth Monday

We also offer Poetry Open Mic on the 1st Wednesday, Storytelling Open Mic on the 4th Tuesday from September through May, and Acoustic Blues Open Mic & Jam on the 4th Wednesday. You may also enjoy our Bluegrass Jam Circle on the 3rd Wednesday.