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Sean Rowe

Sunday, Dec 1, @ 7:00 PM

Sean Rowe

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Sean Rowe has a deep, magical voice that is nothing if not wise and experienced. He is a skilled lyricist who crafts an experience of emotion, rather than telling a linear tale. He brings to mind Leonard Cohen, with songs that build into powerful, yet vulnerable, cathedral-like monuments of sound.

His latest album, The Shark and The Salesman, has increased this Albany native's momentum as a nationally acclaimed songwriter and performer, with critics now considering him in company with our greatest songwriters. NPR's Bob Boilen writes: "There are moments when I want someone to sit down nearby and sing only to me. And in those moments, I want a voice to pierce my heart. There are recordings in my collection I reach for when I need that intimacy. Nick Drake made some; Richard Thompson, Lisa Hannigan and M. Ward are all my hi-fi friends. Most recently it's been Sean Rowe, whose bass-baritone rattles the soul. This man can sing, and his new album The Salesman and the Shark is a masterwork of song, production and voice."


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