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The Pillowman

Monday, Feb 4, @ 7:30 PM

With echoes of Stoppard, Kafka and the Brothers Grimm The Pillowman is a dark comedy about a writer living in a police state who is interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a number of bizarre child murders occurring in his town.
Written by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, the play uses varying styles of narrative to infuse fact with falsehood as each character weaves his own version of the truth. This play is about storytelling and the thrilling, frightening narrative potential of art itself.
London and Broadway productions of this play have won the 2004 Drama Critics Circle award for best new foreign play and the Olivier Award for Best New Play. The New York Times hailed the show as “energizing” and “a blindingly bright black comedy”. The Chicago Tribune called McDonagh “a dangerously prodigious master of theatrical form with a talent that goes far deeper than most people understand." And Variety dubbed it “McDonoah’s least forgiving, bravest play”.
This production features Austin Zehr-Scibilia as the writer, Matthew Crowley and Knathan MacKenzie-Roy as the interrogators, and Steve Murphy as the writer's brother.