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8th Annual Blues Weekend: Night 1

Friday, Mar 22, @ 8:00 PM

Erin Harpe

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Danielle Miraglia

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Tonight we kick off our two-day celebration of the Roots and Branches of the Blues with two modern blueswomen. Called "Inspirational!" by John Hammond, Danielle Miraglia plays bare-bones folk-blues distinguished by strong finger-picking, sweet whiskey vocals, and a stomping left boot. With a strong, steady thumb on her old Gibson and a raw, powerful voice, she'll make you feel the heat of the Delta. But while her style pays homage to blues tradition, her classic rock verve, catchy melodies and eclectic lyrics give her original songs a fresh, singer-songwriter twist.

Just named Boston's Best Blues Artist of 2012, Erin Harpe calls her sound "Charles River Delta Blues." In a genre often dominated by men, Erin is “an authentic blues chanteuse”, earning a reputation for her raw style and “total, selfless and compelling immersion in the music”. Growing up in the Washington DC area, Erin was taught by her father, bluesman Neil Harpe. She has released two acoustic blues albums which have received rave reviews and led to her increasing recognition as an international blues artist on the rise.