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Chandler Travis Birthday Bash w/s/g Jack Grace

Friday, Mar 15, @ 8:00 PM

Chandler Travis Three-O

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Jack Grace

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". . . his outlandish, swaggering humor. That’s the hook, I think . . . that’s what people mention and remember . . . (But) what really ropes you in is the awesomely courageous and gentle way he explores human emotion. . . . honest in confronting the tragic aspects, as well as the delirious joys, of falling in, out of and sideways in love." - Joel Patterson, Nippertown
The Chandler Travis Three-O features Chandler on vocals and guitar, accompanied by Berke McKelvey on keyboard and reeds and John Clark on bass, along with valet services and harmony vocals from Fred Boak. It's a small-club-friendly ensemble that focuses on the poignant, sweet lyrics of Chandler's songs and spare, nuanced arrangements that draw the listener in.
This is our 2nd annual B-Day Bash with Chandler, who happens to celebrate his birth on the same day that Lena's longtime soundman Joe Deuel celebrates his. Honestly, folks, it's just a chance to eat extra cake and wear even sillier hats than usual.

Opener Jack Grace is a consummate live performer, lyricist, singer and guitarist. Often labeled as a country musician of sorts, Jack's band plays kick the can with any musical genre it stumbles across.