Wednesday, August 30  ||  7 to 9 PM  ||  $5

This event takes the form of a workshop and performance with opportunities for all to participate. Unlike an open mic, this opportunity involves all attendees for the entire 2 hours, singing and/or listening at your leisure. In keeping with the life-positive, community-building spirit of Circlesinging, all proceeds will support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. https://afsp.org/

More About Circlesinging

The pioneering approach of Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesinging creates space for all singers to add their voice to the circle of sound. Improvisation is a practice that vocalist and music teacher Jeanine Ouderkirk illuminates through McFerrin’s fun, freeing, and limitless vocal playground that is Circlesinging. On another level, Circlesinging is a musical means to self-expression, human connection, and a new way to experience live and ever-present music.

An improvising singer in the center of the circle begins to conjure a first idea, establishing it and then passing that musical idea on to a section of singers (usually 4 or 5 sections – similar to SATB but with more flexibility). As each group of singers maintains their unique part, the addition of new sections and voices creates a beautiful layering and arrangement of a completely original, improvised song. Then there is the opportunity to use the creation to support a soloist who breaks from the loop, potentially improvising words or sounds, scatting, or directing the individual singers to add more dynamics and dimension to the existing parts that continue to drive the composition.

The ease of singing is a major consideration as well as the support of vocal warmups and games to guide the voice to its most natural resonance. A beginning singer or anyone who is exploring singing/music for the first time can easily exercise their voice and their ears in the new setting of singing without pressure to sing ‘solo’ or need to improvise…yet! Singers who fear vocal fatigue can easily come in and out of the mix to accommodate their own edge and all singers are invited to sit or stand depending on personal comfort. For those who come ready to improvise, you have the immediate opportunity to create melodies, countermelodies, harmonies, bass lines, percussion, solos, songs with lyrics, and the list goes on.

As a facilitator, Jeanine aims to invite the creative efforts of all singers to the floor as well as demonstrate the inner-workings of this creative process. This will be the fifth workshop of its kind in the Saratoga Area. If interested in attending the workshop with Bobby McFerrin himself, it will be August 18-25 in Rhinebeck, NY, a mere hundred minutes from Saratoga Springs.