Irish Session at Caffe Lena

Sunday, March 5, Noon to 2 PM – Donations Welcome*
All Proceeds Benefit the American Civil Liberties Union
Organized Locally by Oona Grady and James Gascoyne

“It is pretty obvious that the future of immigration policy isn’t bright and it has musicians all around rightly concerned.  With this in mind, a group of Boston-based musicians, including Noel Scott, Seán Clohessy, and George Keith, have stepped up and responded by organizing a collective action that will take place on this Sunday, March 5, at venues throughout the country called “Sanctuary Sessions: Trad Music for Civil Rights.”  The goal is to make music, encourage positive dialogue, and raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union’s continued effort to defend citizens’ rights under the Constitution.  So far, the response has been overwhelming.

Initially launched as a concept only three weeks ago, there are now events planned in dozens of cities around the country, including  Arlington, Va., Boston, Mass.; Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.; Chicago, Ill.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Portland, Ore.; South Bend, Ind.; Portland, Me; Milwaukee, Wisc.; Montpelier, Vt.; Baltimore, Md.; Silver Spring, Md.; St. Louis, Mo.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Charlottesville, Va.; Asheville, N.C.; San Francisco, Calif.; Los Angeles, Calif; and Dublin, Ireland.

America is a nation of immigrants.  Although traditional Irish music has taken root in this country, we should be mindful that it was brought here from Ireland and represents the hopes and experiences of those who carried it with them.  “Sanctuary Sessions: Trad Music for Civil Rights” understands this and will be an important show of solidarity in support of a positive immigration policy.  It should prove a landmark event and one that should recur in the future.  There is strength in this traditional music community, and we’ll see it in action on March 5th.”


*DONATIONS to the ACLU can be made by check made payable to “ACLU” to fund the ACLU’s lobbying efforts, or to “ACLU Foundation” to fund educational programs, OR ONLINE HERE. Cash donations will be accepted at the event, but checks are preferred.